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Spain’s barter economy wins followers in grip of crisis

It is no secret that Spain and much of Europe is in an economic crises with high unemployment.

The answer for one small retailer in Madrid named Emanuela Scena?

Good old fashioned BARTER!

The store, Abrete Sesamo (Open Sesame), now gets up to 20 customers a day swapping goods for points they earn by bringing in items of their own and paying a small subscription fee.

People can also buy points just with euros, “but they’re more expensive that way because we want to encourage bartering,” Scena said



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Client can’t pay his bill… Now what?

What if you had a client that couldn’t pay their bill. What would you do?

CFO Sydney Morgan Diamond, of Sound Telecom found himself in that same position 25 years ago when a client couldn’t come up with enough cash to cover its bill.

The answer?

They joined a barter club. (Click here to learn about our Atlanta barter club…)

Notice her comments:

“You can use barter to augment or complement your cash flow,”

For instance, Sound Telecom has used barter dollars to pay for cleaning services, saving its cash for other purchases.

She goes on to say:

“Barter is a normal part of our sales projects and budget,” she adds. “We monitor it llike any other sales activity.” It is, she says, “a system that allows you to make certain purchases with an association of like-minded businesses.”


If you are ready to learn how to use barter to augment or complement your cash flow then contact us now.

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Bartering gold for oil?

If you think that Local companies that engage in Atlanta Barter are the only ones looking to barter in this economy…

Then think again.

Bartering gold for oilTehran considers other nations to use bartering in gold for oil.

Mahmoud  Bahmani, Iran’s central bank governor, told domestic Iranian news agencies:

“In addition to [the US] dollar and currencies of the trading countries, Iran  could take gold in its commercial transactions with other countries.”

Gold is not the only thing Tehran is allowing other countries to barter with. China and India are bartering by goods that Iran needs.

What is the take away?

Catch up with the rest of the world and start bartering to grow your business!



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